Location and Contact of Caldo de Piedra

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Enjoy this exotic dish at Kilometer 11.9 on the highway from Oaxaca City heading towards Tule, at Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Oaxaca México.
For reservations call:: (045) 951 550 84 86 y (51) 51 78318 or mail to: caldodepiedra@hotmail.com

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Come with your family and enjoy this pre-Hispanic culinary artform! We also offer classic Oaxacan snacks such as memelitas, tlayudas, mushroom quesadillas and more.

About Restaurant Caldo de Piedra

In 1996, the Gachupín Velasco family opened an eatery called Caldo de Piedra, or Stone Soup, on the main street of their village, Usila.  Located in the northern reaches of Oaxaca State along the Usila River, this traditional indigenous community is surrounded by dramatic rocky mountains covered in dense tropical forest.  Read more »